Ryan Jung

By “good programming,” we mean an approach to the creation of software that relies on systematic thought, planning, and understanding from the very beginning, at every stage, and for every step. - How to Design Programs 2e, Preface

A programmer who truly sees his program as an extension of his own ego is not going to be trying to find all the errors in that program. On the contrary, he is going to be trying to prove that the program is correct — even if this means the oversight of errors which are monstrous to another eye. - The Psychology of Programming

I don't know quite how to put this, but our entire field is bad at what we do and if you rely on us everyone will die. - xkcd #2030

“You can’t remember how to balance a binary tree, but you memorized µKanren?” “It comes in handy!” You stammer. “And honestly, it’s shorter.” - Aphyr: Unifying the Technical Interview