Ryan Jung

Quote of the Day:
“You can’t remember how to balance a binary tree, but you memorized µKanren?” “It comes in handy!” You stammer. “And honestly, it’s shorter.” - Aphyr: Unifying the Technical Interview
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What I am (or was) up to:
  • Working as a Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir. Now
  • Led development at Code 4 Community, developing software for nonprofits in Boston and their 10,000s of users. 2019-2023
  • TA for CS4500 Software Development. Fall 2022
  • TA for CS4400 Programming Languages. Summer 2022
  • Attempted not to break things as an intern at Palantir. Summer 2022
  • Built data ingestion systems at Hubspot. Spring 2022
  • Helped make networking work at Cisco. Summer 2021
  • Scaled financial algorithms at John Hancock. Spring 2021
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Ryan Jung
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